With more than 10 years of experience,

Facebar n Skin takes the business of beauty

extremely seriously, we provide the best

service level, seeking to rekindle all woman’s

and man’s desire for lasting beauty and aiming

to individual skin problems through our only 7 types of facial treatments.Think Simple, Our normal Skin problems ( Pigmentation due to Sun damage, Hormones imbalance because of Pills intake, pregnancy or Aging , Wrinkle Fine lines, large pores, Sagging skin due to Aging, Dehydrated, Dullness due to wrong products use, Acne Skin due to hormones change, bacterial infection or simply under maintenance care.. In addition to skin-treatments

services one can retreat from the hectic routine

of daily life and re-emerge looking and feeling

invigorated with full body massages as well as

other relaxing and beautifying forms of therapy.

To stay young and healthy, skin maintenance is a long term skincare routine, that why we provide the best service level and affordable long term wellness programs for all our customers needs.

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