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Amalgam Serum

Perfecting All - in -1 Serum

Nutrients for healthy skin. As we age naturally, our body could not produce enough naturally nutrients.

Layering of skin's nutrients was always a tedious task. FBNS introduce our new Amalgam Serum.

Combination of Acids, Vitamins, plant ‘s extract and powerful antioxidants to neutralize environmental stress (UV, pollutants) for a smoother, more radiant and firmer skin. (For all skin types)

Key Active Ingredients:

stabilized Vitamin C in its natural form: antioxidant, helps fend off skin-aging free radicals. prevent blackheads and shrink pores. Eating up calcium, which is bad for the skin.

Phytic Acid: antioxidant, neutralizes pollutants, regulates pigmentation and normalizes skin sebum
Hyaluronic Acid: Helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin.

Silk Extract: Nano-matrix promoting moisturization, sebum absorption and skin tightening. Bio-active proteins and peptides present in silk extract increase cells and growth rates of collagen

Apply in small quantities morning and evening using a gentle massage to face, neck and décolleté before applying your normal moisturizer.

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